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Signal Design

UTS Rail employ signal designers who have accreditation to design circuits, data and control tables for new and altered signalling projects.

Design process:

  • collect existing design data - circuits, interlocking data, layout plans, etc
  • produce signal layout diagram overlayed on the rail track layout
  • prepare control tables - the rules by which the interlocking of signals, points and other devices are controlled
  • design the signalling electrical wiring diagrams - the hardwiring and equipment that performs the trackside function
  • design the signalling data that is uploaded to the computer based interlocking (CBI)
  • prepare documentation associated with the new works including 'drivers diagram' and safeworking notice
  • all design is then checked by a suitably qualified designer
  • all design is then verified by an independant signal designer
  • prepare design package for issue to Construction teams

Typical Design Outputs:

  • circuit diagrams
  • signalling equipment analysis - relay contact, fuses, cable cores, etc
  • data - for upload to computer interlockings
  • signalling plan (scaled layout of infrastructure represented on track diagram)
  • drivers diagram (a non scaled schematic of features relevant to train crews)
  • safeworking notice - worded document detailing the changes to be made to the method of operation
  • equipment layout diagrams - layout plans of equipment racks, earthing layouts, room layouts
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