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Company Profile

UTS Rail provides management, signal design, signal maintenance, technical support and signal construction services for the rail transport sector.

Mission Statement

UTS Rail's mission is to provide rail engineering support services to our rail clients with a 'value adding' approach explored at every opportunity.

Representatives of the Company include:

  • Dave Hanney - Signal Engineer & General Manager
  • Scott Ardley - Signal Engineering and Project Management
  • Dave Bankovic - Signal Engineering & Project Management
  • Glen Collins - Signal Design, Signal Engineering and Project Management
  • Graeme Mace - Signal Engineering & Project Management
  • Jeff Meurer - Signal Engineering, Signal Design, & Project Management
  • Consultants - we have arrangements with several specialists in various fields of rail disciplines who we engage as required


UTS Rail presently has 30 staff engaged on design, project management, maintenance and construction works


Our Company office is located at Bathurst NSW. This location provides a central position to travel to work sites north, south, east and west.

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